Vaadin does not work in Opera Mini?

Gentlemen, good morning. I’m using version 6.5.0-vaadin sistem accessing via Opera Mini on your phone the error url: anyone know what can be. Or Opera Mini does not support vaadin 6. Please, I’m going crazy on.

Just to make things clear, this same error occurs in the cell. In other words, was on the phone and I said on their website.

Your image does not seem to be available, but anyway:

Opera Mini does the rendering, JavaScript execution etc. on the server. Partly because of this, it only supports a limited set of DOM events, does not support JavaScript in the background, and has very limited Ajax support in general.

Briefly, Opera Mini lacks many of the features Vaadin (or GWT) need. Opera Mobile might work (not officially supported), but Opera Mini probably never will.

Got it, anyone know any mobile browser that supports Vaadin? Thank you for the return.

At least Opera Mobile works quite good with Vaadin on my Nokia symbian^3 phone. For android, I have heard that the default browser might work but is quite slow but the Dolphin browser is much better.

For which mobile platforms you are targeting your Vaadin application?

For most possible because the opera mini and adopted as a basis for testing. You’re telling me that the Dolphi support? See the error that occurs above … the link
So to align in the android and the iphone works 100% the problem is being in other devices. I have to reach the largest possible part of devices.

I’m testing the samples for testing on emulators and do not know why we vaadin svn not work in Opera Mobile project that accesses many different manufacturers of different android apps, follows

use the Start BlueStacks for execute application simulator vaadin , this is with browser dolphi run sample