Vaadin directory does not allow to upload a new version

Im getting “Invalid Vaadin-Package-Version: null” message when trying to upload a new version of my addon. Strange, that I took structure and manifest from previously uploaded version and just updated appropriate files.

Currently my manifest looks like as follows:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Vaadin-License-Title: Apache 2.0
Vaadin-Package-Version: 1
Implementation-Title: Toolkit Productivity Tools
Implementation-Version: 1.1.0
Implementation-Vendor: Dmitri Livotov
Vaadin-Addon: tpt-1.1/tpt-core.jar

Is manifest attributes structure changed ?

Sounds strange, since there hasn’t been any changes to the manifest attributes.

I’ll look into this in more detail and see what might be the problem.

I also downloaded my 1.0 TPT package, then updated jar and doc files i na zip archive, updated version number in manifest and tried to upload a new version and it failed.

Just to check, did you remember to update the version in both MANIFEST.MF files? The one inside your zip package and the one inside the add-on jar file.

Both of these manifests must have the same version number for the add-on package to be accepted by the Directory.

Oh! Nope, I did not :slight_smile:
I’ll do and try to redeploy again, we’ll see if this fix the problem. Thanks for the hint, I really forgot about second manifest !

Teemu, thanks again for the hint, this was the cause ! :wink:

BTW, I think, the error message in Directory deployer needs to be somehow adjusted anyway, as message about “null” does not point to the correct path of resolution :slight_smile:

No problem, happy to help! And yes, you’re absolutely right about the error message. I’ll fix that ASAP. :slight_smile:

It would be great if directory would give a more helpful error message for this.

Maybe it would be interesting to have some kind of preflight tool, which will show any completed/not-completed/incorrect steps as well as possible future errors and hints in addon package ?