Vaadin Dialog can't import data and send to grid

java.version : 17
hilla.version : 1.3.6

The problem is that the ID and Name sections are not called automatically according to the transferred fields, and how i use com.h2database?

Mainview.ts (10.3 KB)

Hi, check this crud view implementation hilla-demo/frontend/views/list at master · TatuLund/hilla-demo · GitHub , perhaps it will give some ideas what to do.

okey thanks

In your code you are not binding the two fields to the Binder using field(...). So the Binder doesn’t know about them and can not submit any values for them.

this is my src code (2.26 KB)

Sorry sir, the program had an error when I ran it

Check the instructions how to generate secret key for JWT authentication, “Before running”

okey thanks sir, its work

hello sir @yummy-rhino if i implement my project, without state management etc. can the program run?