Vaadin Developer

Searching for a Vaadin developer for developing enterprise web applications.

The first job will be about developing a newsletter web application, with admin and staff roles. More details about this job will be provided later.

The ideal developer has:

  • Successfully developed Vaadin applications
  • Strong experience in general web application development
  • Is familiar with newsletter web applications

Please provide:

  • your estimated time/cost for developing a basic newsletter web application
  • work portfolio
  • contacts


You might want to give people a way to contact you directly when looking for someone to do some Vaadin work. For example, if I,
, were interested, I wouldn’t want to respond on the forum because other people with whom I work also read the forum. This is something I learned years ago when I briefly worked with a job-searching website.


Thank you Bobby :slight_smile:

Anyone interested can contact me at:

skype: csaffi11

Hello Mr. Saffioti,

open4business is a software developing company located in Germany at the lake constance. We are specialized for developing web-applications.
Since the year 2000, we have developed a huge amount web-applications. To develop as effective as it can be we started developing our own web-framework which based, in the latest version, on several opensource technologies like Spring, Activity and Vaadin.

We would like to discuss the details about this job. Is it possible to contact you directly via email, for example?

Best regards,

Maik Blümel

open4business GmbH
Schmidstrasse 2
88045 Friedrichshafen

Tel.: +49 7541 6047-333
Fax: +49 7541 6047-321