Vaadin Developer MeetUp on Dec 3 @ Helsinki

We’ll arrange in co-operation with Logica a Vaadin developer meetup on Dec 3 at Helsinki, Finland (Pitäjänmäki to be exact). The core of the relaxed developer-to-developer event is discussions on roadmaps, future development and showing each other what has been done with Vaadin.

You are invited!

Do you have something (done with Vaadin or earlier Toolkit versions) you would like to show for 5-15 minutes at the event? If, please do. It is a great way of getting feedback and get to network with fellow developers.

But there is no pressure to show anything - just drop in for a chat with fellow developers, rant about most annoying bugs in Vaadin, praise the killer features and get to know each other.

See more info and please register to the event at

  • Joonas

If you’d pay the ticket, I’d be glad to come :smiley: