vaadin-dev-tools.js is missing in pre-release

Dear guru,

I am trying working with Vaadin pre-release version (since I am based on Spring 6 and jakarta packages). There is a problem with frontend generation - vaadin-dev-tools.js (and related) fielas are not generated (opposite to 23 version) but there is an attempt to use it when server is started. Please advice. I am new in Vaadin, probably I do something wrongly - sorry in advance for that.

Do you have an error?

How did you create the project?

Sure, I do

12:32:17.389 INFO [dev-server-output] Failed to load url /generated/jar-resources/vaadin-dev-tools.js (resolved id: /generated/jar-resources/vaadin-dev-tools.js). Does
the file exist? (com.vaadin.base.devserver.DevServerOutputTracker:118)

The file is imported from vaadin.ts, if I remove that import it appears again …

I’ve created it from gradle starter for version 23

Than executed vaadinClean and vaadinPrepareFrontend Gradle tasks

Did you configure the application to run the pre-release version? Starting a Vaadin Project with Gradle | Start a Project | Get Started | Vaadin Docs

Yes, I am using 24.0.0.alpha7 version of Vaadin Gradle plugin. Should other version be used?

No, but for the pre-release you need to get the plugin from the vaadin pre-release repo

Sure, there is no such version in other repositories …

What do you mean?

I mean that version 24.0.0.alpha7 of Vaadin gradle plugin does not exist in repositories other than pre-release one

Yes it’s only released here:
That’s the reason you need to configure your project for the pre-release. Did you configure the settings.xml? (maybe you can copy the gradle files)

Yes, I did that

Just a stupid idea: make sure you use not only the latest Gradle plugin, but any artefact of Vaadin should have a matching version

I’ve already checked that - everything seems to be OK. BTW I replaced frontend/generated folder with the one prepared by pre-release Maven plugin and that problem goes away … Looks like pre-release Gradle plugin is a bit broken.

Maven works if that helps :sweat_smile: