Vaadin Designer Radio Button and Dialog

Hello everyone,

I am pretty new to Vaadin and Vaadin Designer. I have activated the trial version of the Vaadin Designer, and I am trying to create a form with some input fields, dropdowns, radio buttons, and a dialog when a button is clicked. I am having an issue with the radio button and the dialog, as they are not appearing as the documentation shows. I am using the Chrome editor, and I am noting that next to the radio buttons and dialog is a red dot and not a blue one (as it appears to be on most of the other elements). I can see the text and description of the radio buttons being displayed, but not the actual radio button. I have tried to add text and change things around to see what may be wrong, but with no success.

Also, it seems that the vaadin-dialog is not in the Chrome editor, and I can only find the vaadin-dialog-overlay, which does not have the “connection” button at its right to import it to the java file. After some searching, I found that I should not use the vaadin-dialog-overlay but the vaadin-dialog. In that case, the vaadin-dialog is not being recognized by the Vaadin Designer so my view is not being updated when added by hand (coded) in the java file.

What am I missing? I saw in the tutorial that if an element is gray, that means a library is missing, but that’s not applicable to my situation.

I would appreciate any help in figuring that out.

Thank you.