Vaadin Designer and custom component


I am evaluating Vaadin designer from its capability in terms of how custom component can expose its properties through the Vaadin designer. Let me give you detailed requirement, that I want to achieve

  1. Create custom component using Vaadin classes (Primarily a composite component)
  2. Define properties for the custom component for which User must have provision to provide the values.
  3. Custom component should be visible in the pallette displayed in Vaadin Designer.
  4. The properties panel (of Vaadin designer) section should display properties defined in step 2.
  5. Similar to the layout property selection, a combo box (or may be other components) will be required for certain properties. The values for the combo box shouldn’t be hardcoded within component definition, but should give capability to dynamically retrieve it.

To relate above questions, if anyone has worked on Flash Builder. It does give a capability to extend the designer and custom components and customize properties panel. I am curious to know whether similar functionality does exist in vaadin or not?