Vaadin Demo, basic Grid features fault in Chrome


If to open in a Chrome (v. 44.0.2403.125) browser the Grid basic features page of Vaadin demo application:


and uncheck “Filterable” checkbox then the first column header “Company” disappears while other headers are shifted.

Hi Dmitry,

I just checked with my Mac and Chrome (Version 44.0.2403.130 (64-bit)) and I didn’t see this happen. Does the problem still exist for you and if it does, which OS are you using? If it existed for .125 and no longer with .130, I’d call it a Chrome rendering issue.


“Breaks” for me as well using Chrome .130, Windows 7(64-bit). It looks as though it has to do with groupings. If unclick “Filterable” with “Header grouping” clicked, the Company column in the table is removed.

If I unclick “Header grouping”, then unclick “Filterable” the grid behaves as I would expect.

No matter how much I click around, I can’t reproduce it on my Mac. I’ll check with a Windows to see if I can get it to break there.


I got my hands on a Windows 7 64-bit and Chrome with correct version and indeed it seems to be broken. I posted a ticket, it is visible at .

Yes, i am using Windows 7 x64 and Chrome 44.0.2403.130 too.

But only one remark.
Headers H1-H2 moves to the upper right corner of the scrollable area because the first line of the header (years) is damaged.
See attachment.

I agree, it seems that is Chrome rendering issue.