Vaadin DATE problem

I have one backend that return json :

"id": 1,
"idProtocoloTipo": 1,
"entrada": "2017-01-01",
"previsao": "2017-01-01",
"vencimento": "2017-01-01",

but when I got this json in vaadin he put -3Hours in date and 2017-01-01 became 2016-12-31 how can I Fix this?

Dear Fabio,
it seems to me your question might not have to do with Vaadin at all,
or at least I would be interested what exactly you were doing (example
This sounds to me like a time zone issue – before we jump into conclusions
(currently Finnish time is EEST and that’s GMT+3) I would think it rather has
to to with different time zone settings between the server machines.

Maybe this here is a good start:
(it talks about setting a JVM’s timezone).

Best Regards,

Haha … we had similar discussions about timezones in our team as well.
A good video about timezone problems for programmers: