Vaadin custom table sort by column

I have a vaadin table where If I click on a column header, I will sort the rows according to that specific column. All but 1 of the columns are sortable.

Is there a way to write a custom comparator or sort function for 1 specific column in a vaadin table? The data in the last column can’t be sorted in the same way as a String or Integer.

Hello William,

Please try some thing like this,

Table table = new Table(){

public void sort(){

//Header on which sort was done
String sortPropertyID = (String)getSortContainerPropertyId();
//Is the sort performed was asc
boolean isAsc= table.isSortAscending();

if(sortPropertyID.equals("Custom Header")){
    //Write your Custome sort logic

[/code]Is this what you are looking at?