Vaadin CRUD - How to make and preserve user selection?


I started to use Vaadin CRUD component in our application not so far and found it very useful with only one problem. A user can’t select a record which he has an intension to edit from the Grid. I mean that the user starts to edit a record by clicking on edit button, but after he finish editing there is no way to mark a record has been just edited. This behaviour forces users to feel uncomfortable, they always try to remember or find where last edited record is in the grid and can’t do that quickly, because the record is not selected ( marked).

Is it possible to implement the following behaviour:

  1. The user selects a row clicking on it.
  2. The user enters the Edit button end editing the record.
  3. After user finished editing and returned into the Grid, the record just edited should stay selected (marked).

Best regards,

Yes, it’s possible, I have found solution.