Vaadin Course: what UI components are important?

I’m currently working on a Vaadin course on

The course is named “Vaadin Fundamentals”. Other more advanced courses may follow (for Vaadin core, for GWT components, for theming).

In this Vaadin Fundamentals, there is a “UI Component” chapter explaining important components:

But there are so many components in the Sampler, way too many to explain them all. What components are important to explain here? What’s your opinion?

Many thanks.

Hi john,

According to me Vaadin documentation is well detailled and you don’t need to explain indeed the whole ui components.
From my experience I had severals issues with my team with layouts and the way the components are placed inside.
I had also some performance issues using Table.

You should maybe focus your course on performance and things we should or shouldn’t do when developping a Vaadin application as if you were developping a rich application in C++ or javaswing.