Vaadin components is not editable when deployed from Linux

Vaadin components are not editable when deployed from Linux. When deployed my application in Tomcat in Linux OS all the components of one page (other pages are working fine) is showing non-editable while same application when deployed on Windows doesn’t have this issue.

If anyone know about possible issues. Kindly help.
38501.xml (9.19 KB) (29.6 KB)

What exactly do you mean by “Vaadin components is noed editable”? Are the Vaadin Fields (e.g. TextField, ComboBox etc.)
set to read-only
? Or does your application logic prevent saving values?

There are a lot of external imports in the code sample you posted, e.g. Maybe the non-editability is managed from outside of the Registration class you posted?

As you can see below component are looking as disabled in Registration page screenshot (Which works completly fine when this application get deployed in window with tomcat 9). while at the same time if you see forgot password and login page controller works fine.

Engine and other files are just to have MVC architechture. (9.47 KB)

Everything working fine when deployed on window,
but when deploying in linux I cannot enter any data in Registration page. Apart form Registration all other pages working just fine on both platform.