Vaadin compatibility with Android/Chrome combination

Have recently tested some Vaadin components on Android device with Google Chome browser. As Vaadin is supposed
to be compatible with Android and Chome it came as a surprise that some components failed to work completely. For
example, row selection in VaadinTable is not working (Vaadin sampler).
Checking application, row selection was also not working in a sense that
the selected row was not the clicked one. Select lists were also not working.

However, all these components work fine with PC/Chrome combination. Also, with Android/Native Browser and Android
/ Opera Mini combinations, everything worked fine.

This was tested on Acer IconiaTab A200 and Nexus7. Has anyone stumbled on the similar issue before and is there any
solution to this problem other than just not using chrome on android?

OS:Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich‎
Browser:Chrome, most recent update (28.11.2012)

I am having exactly the same problem on a Motorola Droid Razr M. I CAN select a row (the row highlight comes on), but when I click on any other object (like the button that is supposed to do something with the row) the highlight turns off and the getValue() on the table returns null. We are on Vaadin 6.8.3. (Don’t have schedule time to do the 7.0 conversion). We are NOT using Touchkit, but it did not seem necessary for our required functionality.

If I put out a Vaadin-based webpage that was not mobile-specific, this would be a real problem.

I have an Asus Transformer and the table works fine on there.

Vaadin 6.8.3 definitely has some issues and in a later version (of 6.8 series), it got fixed. I don’t remember exactly the version in which it got fixed but please try the latest 6.8 release. (You may have to go through the change-logs).