Vaadin ComboBox default text (not selected value)

My application is written in Vaadin 6.8
I have standard Vaadin ComboBox with added String items. On value change some actions are performed.
I want user to see text “Select option” in ComboBox, so user knows, that he can select something. “Select option” is not one of ComboBox options and I don’t want user to be able to select it after first selection.
Any ideas how to achieve this? I cannot find any ComboBox property, that will do what I need to. I would like not to use label either, just informative text in ComboBox itself.

What about Combobox.setInputPrompt(“Select Option”); ?

If you don’t want it to be gray you can style it using css.

I don’t know why, but I missed that one.
Thank you, works great :slight_smile: