Vaadin Charts Webinar coming up - Tuesday March 12th 2013

To help you learn more about the Vaadin Charts, we invite you to join us for a special developer webinar on Tuesday March 12th 2013 at 9AM (CET time) and 9AM (PDT).
Duration: 45min.

We present you some demo and pointers for getting started and we also want to hear what you might have in mind.
If you have anything questions, Matti Tahvonen and Sami Kaksonen from the team behind Vaadin Charts will be there to help you.

We like to keep this informal and interactive with the following agenda:

  • Vaadin Charts 1.0 introduction & features
  • Demos
  • How to get started
  • Questions and Answers

We’ll email you instructions on how to join the webinar - all you need is your web browser.



Vaadin Charts Webinar participants, cast your questions and comments here!

So let’s start the questions:

  • Does the charts have support for touch devices, integration with the touch addon ?
  • Would like to see “export” generation to PDF / Image(s)

May be there are some issues with emails as I did not receive any instructions to enter the webinar and it is 1mn away :frowning:

Go to youtube

We are now live. You can follow here:

Thanks for the quick answer

Highcharts JS has option for non-profit organization
Non-commercial license

Any chance to get VaadinCharts-addon somehow “aligned” ?

Do you have any plan to wrap HighStock components as you did with HighCharts ?
In the same way, do you plan to add some network topology chart ?

Thank you for your answers.

How chatty is the JSON communication between the server and the client (browser) … in particular when adding / removing points to a series? When points are added / removed from a large series are only the changes transferred or the complete series all the time?

Thanks for good questions and attending to the webinar!

We didn’t have time to answer this during the webinar, but here a quick answer.

The data is managed at the server-side, so naturally it has to be sent to then client to be presented. However, only the changes are communicated and after full initialization and that makes it very little amount of data passed as JSON.

Thanks for the webinar,
it was interesting and we learned a few things.

Two things about the webinar itself:

  • Please use better microphones which give no noise when you move (Use a real headset for example)
  • The quality/screen resolution for some of the diagrams and for the eclipse code is not good enough to see the written content
    For example in the chart->svg->pdf flow we could see the boxes, but the text is unreadable

Vaadin Charts webinar now live at:

Simple question, I hope - there is a ‘LargeData’ example in the demo page - how many data points make a ‘large’ data set? The old Timeline did data sampling - does that happen here too? When you drill down into the data set, does it re-sample?

André , thanks for the feedback.

We did a major leap in audio quality for the US webinar, just by making sure Matti’s beard is not scratching the microphone :smiley:
Apologies, for the extra noises during EMEA webinar. We will make sure that it wont happen again.