Vaadin Charts -- stockchart or stepline chart

It seems that Highcharts supports a stepline chart (they call it a stockchart). I do not see support in the current 1.1.0 version of Vaadin Charts. When (will) this chart type be supported.

I believe you are referring to Highstocks product developed by Highsoft?

We do not have rights to distribute Highstock with Vaadin Charts product so can’t really leverage on it to get the stepline chart type supported in Vaadin Charts product.

However, Vaadin Charts has a proprietary implementation of timeline charts and it could be further developed to support stepline chart type. Added the feature to the backlog which will be reviewed when deciding content for Vaadin Charts 1.2.
Vaadin Charts backlog
. Sorry, no fixed date for 1.2 release, presumably quite late this year.

Yes I see that your are correct. I did not at first realize that Highcharts and Highstock are different products. Thanks for adding this feature request for timeline.