[Vaadin Charts on Liferay Vaadin Portlet] Cannot display 2 chart portlets o

Hi all,

I made 2 liferay portlets by vaadin, each of them contains a chart made by vaadin charts. I tested them and here it’s what I’m facing:

  • Only 1 portlet on a page → OK
  • Multi-instance of one portlet on a page → OK
  • 2 portlet on a page → displayed only the first portlet (explanation: naming 2 portlets A and B, I put them on the same page. If the order of them is AB, only A is shown; if the order is BA, only B is shown)

I got some logs but cannot find anything error! Have anyone faced that problem??? Please help, I’m developing a dashboard based on Liferay Vaadin portlets and this problem is so serious.

Hi all,

This is an old (10 months) post - but I am having exactly the same issue. I have spent many hours trying to work out what is going on, but have hit a brick wall. It’s easy to reproduce - create two different (i.e. not different instances, but different projects) portlets, each with a vaadin chart inside. If you add either of them, the chart will display. When you add the other, it will fail to render the chart.

Anyone have any idea of how to work around this? It’s an absolute blocker for further vaadin chart development for me.