Vaadin Charts: License Check


The license check for Vaadin Charts currently checks for
a) A file in the user.home directory
b) A system property

Would it be possible to change it additionally check in either web.xml (context-param) or for a license file in the web-apps classloader?

We need to be able to make it trivial to deploy a war on a client site, as this is often done by third parties (read IT Departments); setting system properties or creating files in the home directory of the user running the application server are steps that are bound to confuse the poor chaps.




If your server don’t have security manager constraints you could use System.setProperty(String,String) in your apps init.

Adding an additional licence file check from classloader sounds a good idea to me. Would you file an enhancement ticket for it?


Yes - but security manager constraints will be environmentally controlled (i.e. I won’t be in control of whether I do or don’t have a security manager)… it’ll do as an interim measure though.

Done :


Hi, it looks like I might have to do this (doing the license check from classloader) since, after I set the property in my app’s init() method I still see the license warning in our production Tomcat server’s log file. This may be a stupid question (I’m not well-versed in J2EE programming): could you provide an example of how I would modify my app to “do the license check from the class loader”? Thanks a bunch.

Adding a file /.vaadin.charts.developer.license in your classpath should do the trick… ( With the content of your license key )

From the ticket they added the followin:

 	46	                URL resource = LicenseChecker.class.getResource("/vaadin.charts.developer.license"); 
 	47	                if(resource == null) { 
 	48	                    resource = LicenseChecker.class.getResource("/.vaadin.charts.developer.license"); 
 	49	                }