Vaadin Charts and Grid


is it possible to add a Vaadin-Chart into a Grid (Some renderer?!?)?



Hi Andre,

Can you describe the actual purpose of the chart in Grid? Vaadin Charts is relatively heavy for a renderer, it might not be fast enough to render correctly in a timely manner. There might be alternative solutions to make it fast and efficient, though. If you can tell me what it is you’re doing, I might be able to give some pointers.


I have the target Value and the current Value in a row. I would like to show in aown column a chart based on these two values

I used the ProgressBarRenderer now, it’s works fine.

Is there a way to add an Tooltip to show the value?


Good to hear that ProgressBarRenderer was good for your case. For the tooltips, currently it takes some client-side tinkering and basically you have to use HTML tooltips. There has been some discussion about the Vaadin style tooltips for Grid, but that’s still in the designing phase.