Vaadin Charts addon v1.0.0 tooltip use HTML to format layout?

Hello Forum,

For the Charts tooltip I’d like to be able to more extensively format the text than only the ones mentioned in the doc (
, etc) for tooltip.setFormatter(). For example, a table layout to be able to align values.

Looking at highcharts, this is possible via the useHTML() call: see
the docs
an actual example
Setting that one to true gets the tooltip rendered using HTML, not SVG.

As far as I can tell it is not possible currently with the charts tooltip, since
no such method is available

Am I missing anything or should a put it in as a feature request?



A feature request to is the way to get things rolling. Then it doesn’t harm you if you vote it via
pro account


Trac feature request/enhancement

Vote with Pro Account: my boss is working on it :slight_smile: