Vaadin-Chart - individual data point values

Just upgraded from v1.1.4 to 1.1.6 and noticed something strange. This appears to happen in 1.1.4 as well, so it may be something I’ve had in my code for a long time and just never noticed… Not sure if this ever worked, or if something changed somewhere along the line.

When I create a Timeline chart, I want to be able to mouse over the chart and have the data values show up in the legend section above the graph. I know this used to work. A small ball shows up over the data point on the graph line and the value is displayed above the chart. Now I find that that doesn’t happen - mousing over the graph does nothing. If I change the display from a line chart to a scatter plot (by clicking the graph type icon in the chart - then all of a sudden the mouse over feature starts to work. And clicking back to the line graph leaves it working.

Is there something I need to set in the Timeline object to enable this when the graph is originally displayed? Not sure why I have to change the plot type to enable it.