Vaadin CDI usage of pseudo scope vs normal scope annotations

Vaadin CDI specific scopes (UI and View) come in two incarnations: as pseudo scope and as normal scope.
These concepts are clear (for me) and “the why” is well explained in the awesome Vaadin documentation.

However, what is not clear for me and a cannot find an answer on these questions:

  • Recommended is to use the pseudo scope variants. Because the normal scoped (and from CDI’s point of view recommended) “have issues”. What issues are we talking about? Are these issues resolvable or more structural? Is any help needed to get this resolved?
  • If normal scope is not recommended, why do they exists? Having both is not consistent with “Fighting for Simplicity” :slight_smile:
  • Finally there is VaadinSessionScoped. Not mentioned in the documentation ( and as far i understand redundant because we already have the standard SessionScoped. Or do i miss something?