Vaadin Calendar Event styling from Container

I am having trouble getting the Event to style using the Calendar addon. I’m setting the Container as follows:

calendar.setContainerDataSource(new SQLContainer(qry), "description", "remarks", "date", "endDate", "style") ; The “style” column in the database has an entry like “issues”, without the quotes of course!
My CSS file has the following entry:[code]
.v-calendar .v-calendar-event-issues { color: #4f8324; }
.v-calendar .v-calendar-event-issues-all-day { background-color: #61c114; }

[/code]I’ve tried creating a “raw” BasicEvent as well and that does not seem to be picking up the styling.
The CSS was copied and slightly modified from the addon Demo code.
Any suggestions as to where I’m going wrong welcome!