Vaadin calendar click event not working when move handler is null


I am using the vaadin 1.3 calendar on vaadin 6.8.7 and noticed some strange behavior.

I disabled the ability to move events using the following code :

         setHandler(CalendarComponentEvents.MoveEvent.EVENT_ID, CalendarComponentEvents.MoveEvent.class, null,

The movement is indeed disabled, but for some reason, with the code above, the event click event in week view and day view don’t get triggered anymore (month view works fine).

Below is the code I use for the event click handler :

     setHandler(new CalendarComponentEvents.EventClickHandler() {
            public void eventClick(CalendarComponentEvents.EventClick event) {
                AvailabilityCalendarEvent availabilityCalendarEvent = (AvailabilityCalendarEvent) event.getCalendarEvent();
                getApplication().getMainWindow().addWindow(new EditAvailabilityWindow(availabilityCalendarEvent.getAvailability(), availabilityCalendarListener, calendarComponent, translate));

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve got the same problem. I’m using the 1.3 version with vaadin 6. Any help would be appreciated.

This seems to be

You’re correct. For now I integrated the fix locally and it works.

Thank you.

how to set range for an event.Events can be moved or dragged,so i want the event to be moved for only one day in week view,it shoulnt move across the calendar

The problem is still present (7.4.7): when set move handler to null the click event doesn’t works…