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Hi All,
It is my first Post. Welcome to Vaadin Experts.

     I have Drop Down box  which search last name from the Database.  Drop down will act as Search Text Box Also

    First Name : Holbert
    Last Name : Andrea
  Need to Search Last name wise: If I typing Andrea means, It should display as "Holbert Andrea". That is My search will depends upon LastName. Will Anyone please help me. 

Expecting your Valuable response Vaadin Experts! Please

Could you please get update…

Could anyone look into this problem

Could anyone look into this problem

Hello Pushpa,
I don’t understand your problem.
Aren’t you able to send the database request?
Aren’t you able to filter a vaadin Table?
Aren’t you able to combine the values of two fields?

Could you please give us more details?

  1. I have ComboBox Which have Values.
  2. I want to Search Last name wise.
  3. Now I am entering Last Name as

    value on the ComboBox.

It is like
Google Search
. that is AutoComplete.

Corresponding values should get displayed mentioned below.

Combox Box should be displayed as :

Pushpa Lakshmi
Raju Lavainya
Suresh Lathica

Database Table:

First Name
Last Name (User Search LastName wise in the combo box)


Thanks in advance

  1. yes, I want to combine firstname and lastname finally(After Searching Lastname wise).

I hope will get clear picture. If you requried i am ready to give more.

I am totally new to this Vaadin. I want to search as lastname from database. How google works

As of now, Dataabse not requried. Please put firstname and lastname in list or map.

I have been stucking since two days. Please help me out on this.

Hello Pushpa,

I don’t know if there is a addon for your specific problem, but you should solve it in some steps:
First your last name TextField needs a TextChangeListener. The value you get you are firing against your database to get the appropiate result set.
This result set you can manipulate and create a ContainerDataSource (or update your existing one) and give it to your ComboBox.
That should be it. Maybe you will stuck a bit in visualizing immediate result of your ComboBox, but you should solve it pretty fast.

Good luck!


         How to make autocomplete in textfield component  in vaadin 7 version similar  to google autosearch or others, is there any add-on  or any other thing to do please help me out .

Hi kartheek,

you may want to read this blog entry

thanks for the rply but i have gone through the blog but i need the example show in the blog first one as below image so it will be helpful for me .

I need to use DropDown as Search Box. Do we have any sample… It should work as Google. I have to Search Employee last name wise.

Thanks in advance. Any one pls help


      when login with same url in same browser in multiple tabs with different roles it is making login but it should login to the same url and while accessing same application in different browsers in same time session is replicating,how to maintain differnt seesions and security as spring can any one help me on this

I’m not sure if I understand the original poster’s question correctly. But when you face the problem that you want a ComboBox to autocomplete with values drawn from the database without having to load all possible values into a, you can do that by tweaking ComboBox a bit. There’s no need to write a custom client-side widget. I described how to do that in the following blog post: