Vaadin application behind proxy

Hi all,

We have some problems with a Vaadin (version 6.6.6) web application behind a proxy.

The web application is deployed on a WSO2 application server with an embedded Tomcat (versions involved: 5.5.23 and 7.0.14).

We noticed two main problems:

  1. the application can not switch from a login panel (vaadin panel with login form) to a (vaadin) application panel since it asks information from the (internal) server address
  2. closing the application (through a logout button activating the application.close() method) tries to reload the application through the (internal) server address.

Is this a known vaadin issue or is it just my ignorance (e.g. on web.xml)

Any help appreciated,

For the log out part, maybe you are looking for setLogoutURL() from chapter

I don’t know about the support for proxy though.

Hi Clerc,

Thanks for your answer. I found this workaround a while ago and yes it works.
It raises however some (minor) configuration and maintenance issues, so i would prefer a better solution.


Hi there !

I am running the same issue.
No workaround ?

It’s been two years, any update here since?

Okihara: are you running into an actual problem with this? With which Vaadin version?

As far as I can recall, at least Vaadin 7 should not have the issue with internal addresses being used (unless you explicitly tell it to redirect to an internal address). However, most proxies do not play well together with server push, so if you expect problems with proxies, you might want to use polling instead of push. The upcoming long polling support (coming to Vaadin 7.2) should make push work better also with proxies.

Hi Henri

At this stage we are taking a cursory glance at the potential issues we might face when migrating one app that will then operate behind a proxy. There is some server push that I’m aware of unfortunately. However this won’t happen until later in May or June so I’ll keep you posted if need be. Thanks for the info anyway.