Vaadin app in development updated to 7.1 (from 7.0.7) without our intention


We are developing a project and during the night here in Sweden the Vaadin version updated to 7.1 without our intention. We are using Eclipse.

I have a few questions regarding this:

  1. How did this happen? We want to avoid it in the future. In Eclipse, Window → Preferences → Install/Update → Automatic updates is, and has been, turned off.

  2. How do we downgrade to the previous version (7.0.7)?


Are you using Maven? If so, you most likely have the version specified as LATEST instead of 7.0.7 in your pom.xml as the version of all Vaadin artifacts. Just change the version number there to a fixed version and that should take care of it.

If you are using Ivy, please provide details from your ivy.xml about Vaadin dependencies and how their versions are specified there (including the top of ivy.xml where a variable is typically defined).

Are you talking about the Vaadin Eclipse Plugin or the actual Vaadin Version of one of your projects?
In case you meant the Vaadin Framework, are you using maven or ivy?

If you use one of them you should check their settings (for maven you have to look in the pom.xml)to see what vaadin version they have set.

Thank you for your prompt answers. I’m impressed!

We are using Vaadin in Eclipse with ivy.

Short-term solution

We solved it for a short-term by changing to the code below in the ivy.xml file (from “7.1.0” to “7.0.7”) and right-clicking on the project → ivy → resolve.

<!DOCTYPE ivy-module [
	<!ENTITY vaadin.version "7.0.7">

Follow-up question:

Today it had updated again without our intention. We did the procedure above and solved it temporarily (until next time it updates, I guess). How do we prevent it from updating? We want to keep it at 7.0.7.

Our ivy.xml-file after we solved it temporarily:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE ivy-module [
	<!ENTITY vaadin.version "7.0.7">
<ivy-module version="2.0"
	<info organisation="com.example" module="v7proj" />
		<!-- The default configuration, which should be deployed to the server -->
		<conf name="default" />
		<!-- A configuration only needed when compiling the widget set. Should 
			not be deployed to the server -->
		<conf name="widgetset-compile" />
		<!-- The core server part of Vaadin -->
		<dependency org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-server" rev="&vaadin.version;"
			conf="default->default" />

		<!-- Vaadin themes -->
		<dependency org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-themes" rev="&vaadin.version;" />

		<!-- Precompiled DefaultWidgetSet -->
		<dependency org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-client-compiled"
			rev="&vaadin.version;" />

		<!-- Vaadin client side, needed for widget set compilation -->
		<dependency org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-client" rev="&vaadin.version;" />

		<!-- Compiler for custom widget sets. Should not be deployed -->
		<dependency org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-client-compiler"
			rev="&vaadin.version;" conf="widgetset-compile->default" />

The Vaadin plug-in for Eclipse does not touch this field for existing projects once you have set it. For new projects or when adding the Vaadin facet to a non-Vaadin project, the version you have chosen in the new project wizard or facet configuration page is used (the default being the latest version).

If something still changes the version, it is not Vaadin or the Vaadin plug-in.

Thanks for your quick reply!

I think we have identified the problem. We are developing in Eclipse and using SVN via the subclipse plugin. A few times when we have “went bananas” on the project I have deleted the project from my local workstation and used “checkout project as new project” in subclipse.

That’s when the problem happens.

Unfortunately I cannot choose which Vaadin 7 version I want it to “checkout as new project” as. Thus, I guess it checks out the project as the latest Vaadin 7 version. We just tried it and we could re-create my issue above.

I guess this can help someone in the future.

Thanks again!