Vaadin and relative urls in WebCenter Portal

Hi, I have a problem trying to get a simple Vaadin app to run in Oracle WebCenter Portal (BEA Aqualogic/Plumtree). The resources DefaultWidgetSet and /VAADIN/themes/reindeer/styles.css are not accessible.

Is there anyway to force complete urls (full host specified) to be used for all dependent resources?

I read in the Vaadin book section 11.8.4 Installing Widget Sets and Themes in Lifray, about loading these resources on the portal. However, WebCenter/Aqualogic is not a J2EE container. Portlets/ Web applications are all external and it gateways all the content in and mashes it up.

Therefore the problem arises for example I can not render even as a portlet in the Portal, as i can do

Thanks in advance- Chris