Vaadin and Jetspeed: Any one?

I am currently reviewing the possibility of adding apache jetspeed 2 to my existing vaadin project, and would be grateful if anyone could give me some clues and hints (I am a jetspeed newbie):

  1. How well jetspeed works with vaadin – or not at all
  2. The possible pitfalls I may encounter.
  3. Others.

Also, I intend to use JBoss AS.

Thanks in advance.

Disclaimer: I have not tested Jetspeed 2.

While most portals claim to be fully JSR-286 compliant, usually there are small differences between how they interpret or implement the standards, so small tweaks in Vaadin have been needed for various portals. If Jetspeed is fully compliant as they claim, Vaadin might work out of the box as long as you deploy the widgetset and the themes (at least base, runo and reindeer as well as others you might be using) in a suitable shared location on the server and tell the portal how to find them.

Things that have been the most problematic when testing new portals include where shared resources (the theme and the widgetset) are found on the portal and often the Upload functionality, as well as some Portlet API specific parts like inter-portlet communication. As for the location of the widgetset and the portal-wide theme, AbstractApplicationPortlet.getStaticFilesLocation() is used, using by default the property “vaadin.resources.path” from the PortalContext.

Henri Sara,

Thanks for the hints. There is very little on the Internet on Vaadin/Jetspeed2. I will try to be strictly JSR-286 compliant, as I take baby steps, to avoid too many headaches.

Meanwhile, if there are more vaadin/jetspeed experts out there, please come forward with your hints.