Vaadin 8 Window Keyboard Accessability


I currently maintain an application using Vaadin 8.7.1 and am trying to make it 508 compliant. I noticed that in a window you can succesfully tab to the maximize button in the window, however trying to activate it with the keyboard (space+enter) does not work, only clicking with mouse triggers it. Am I missing how this functionality is supposed to work with keyboard, or is it being blocked for some reason? Is there anyway to get a reference to the button so I can add my own functionality to change the window state when it is on focus and space+enter is hit?


This is interesting finding. You should report it in our framework issue tracker on GitHub, i.e.

I think this should work, since these controls do have tabindex and aria-label as well. So that clearly indicates that other needed accessibility features are there.

Thanks for the reply, I will go ahead and do that

If anyone else stumbles upon same issue I opened ticket here:

Hi, I made a PR for this ( Let’s hope it is accepted. Thanks for noticing and reporting the issue! :slight_smile: