Vaadin 8 - TwinColSelect not display the result of setValue()

Hi fellow devs,

I used setValue() to update the values from database, and I checked the getSelectedItems() which return my expected results. However, they did not appear on right column.

// init the left column with an ArrayList contains all provinces in my country

// in my Grid event handler, which display the entity in a form
// provinceList is well retrieved from entity and display finely in ComboBox
System.out.println("ArrayList: " + provinceList);

// both the set and the selected items are not null, and are exactly the provinceList
// I also debugged and check the selection private member of TwinColSelect object
HashSet values = new HashSet(provinceList);
System.out.println("Set: " + values);
System.out.println("Selected: " + provinceTwinCol.getSelectedItems());
[/code]Since Vaadin 8 automatically setImmediate(true), I really don’t know why my selected items are not displayed (select() method return the same result).

I’m using vaadin-spring 2.0.1 (vaadin-server 8.0-SNAPSHOT) and also trying vaadin-server 8.0.4 but there is no difference.

Please help!

Oh, my bad.

I forgot overriding the equals() method of Province class, such an amateurish mistake…

Sorry ^^