Vaadin 8 + PopupView + Grid

Version: 8.0.0.beta1

A grid in a popupView will not be displayed correctly after the second click on ‘Show grid’.
The heights of the cells are calculated to ‘1px’.

Sample to reproduce:

protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {
  VerticalLayout vl = new VerticalLayout();

  Grid<Car> grid = new Grid<>();

  List<Car> cars = new ArrayList<>();
  cars.add(new Car("Car 1"));
  cars.add(new Car("Car 2"));
  cars.add(new Car("Car 3"));

  PopupView popupView = new PopupView("Show grid", grid);

  CarDataProvider cdp = new CarDataProvider(cars);

  Column<Car, String> col = grid.addColumn(new ValueProvider<Car, String>() {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    public String apply(Car car) {
      return car.getName();



Indeed it seems so. I also tried grid.setSizeFull(), which resulted in wrong row heigths, but somewhat visible rows.

Could you create ticket about the finding to ?

BTW. Why are you using DataProbider there, I think you should just pass in the list of your Car objects using setItems method.

There already is a similar bug filed against Vaadin v7 Grid with PopupView and Valo theme:
Grid in popupview is not working with Valo theme -

I created a new bug for Vaadin 8.0.1 with PopupView and linked the old issue related to v7 and valo theme.
Vaadin 8 Grid in PopupView not rendered correctly -

In our application the behaviour with Vaadin 7.7.7 was OK and became an issue with the switch to Vaadin 8 as reported.
Can still be reproduced in the latest 8.0.1 release.

Issue screenshot from provided sample: