Vaadin 8 Page.PopStateListener broken when clicking history

Page.PopStateListener reacts perfectly if you hit the backward / forward browser buttons, but does not work with the history, instead I get the following error message on console:

INFO: No error handler has been configured to handle exceptions during publication.
Publication error handlers can be added by IBusConfiguration.addPublicationErrorHandler()

Same results under Firefox & Chrome.

Dear Franco,

thanks for reporting what you perceive as a bug - even though the forums are not the correct place for that
( is!)

I have tried to reproduce the issue using Vaadin Framework 8.0.6 .

While this code (add to the init method of the default application generated by the
Eclipse Vaadin AddOn)

        Page thisPage = getPage();
        thisPage.addPopStateListener(new PopStateListener() {
            public void uriChanged(PopStateEvent event) {

works well for forward/backward navigation; however using the browser history the listener is not invoked.
I canNOT see any Publication error (what you have looks like a ‘mbassador’ usage issue to me).

Plus, this is from the documentation of the PopStateListener:

Listener that that gets notified when the URI of the page changes due to back/forward functionality of the browser.

No mention it should do anything about the browser history - so from what I can see everything is correct and according to spec I am afraid.

Please don’t hesitate to get back here and post some code snippet if you still think Vaadin FW8 is at fault.


Hi Enver,

Thank you very much. Actually it is not a Vaadin fault (by the way the message on console is really from Mbassador). I see it is anyway possible to manage browser history through provided URI.

Special thanks for indicating where to submit the bugs. I had no idea of its existence and I have a pair of open bugs that I posted to the forum (one on the spreadsheet) before and were never addressed.

Despite few bugs Vaadin 8 is really a huge step ahead and worths all effort of migrating old applications.



Thanks Franco for your kind words!

If you don’t mind, yes please do create tickets for those bugs and help us get better!