Vaadin 8 is need addValueChangeListener(this);

upgrade Vaadin 7 to Vaadin 8. In Vaadin 7 we use optionGroup.addValueChangeListener(this); But now vaadin 8 no more this method in radioButtonGroup component. can we ignore radioButtonGroup.addValueChangeListener(this);

Hi Mohan,

RatioButtonGroup extends AbstractSingleSelect. This class has the method addValueChangeListener(), which expects you to pass in a HasValue.ValueChangeListener. So, it seems your class needs to implement that. Minimal example:

public class MyClass extends VerticalLayout implements HasValue.ValueChangeListener {
	private RatioButtonGroup<String> optionGroup;
	public MyClass() {
		// Instantiated optionGroup.
	public void valueChange(HasValue.ValueChangeEvent<String> event) {

Thanks for your great help.

event.getProperty() method has error… So what will the replacement method of getProperty().