vaadin 8 change project URL

I’m using Vaadin 8 and I’m having some difficulty. I downloaded the [project]
( from this link project and modified it.

But I ran into a problem. You can go to the page of my project by following the link http://localhost:8080/app. But if I go by http://localhost:8080 I get a 404 error. I am not satisfied with /app and would like to change this URL.

@WebServlet settings(urlPatterns ="/*", name = "PrimeConfigurator", asyncSupported = true)

I’ve already climbed a bunch of links and found nothing useful. Can you tell me which way to look and what to read to find a way to fix this problem?

I need to change the URL to the application with http://localhost:8080/app on http://localhost:8080/my_url_path