Vaadin 8 ButtonRenderer DoubleClick

I have a problem, when the grid editor is enabled : grid.getEditor (). SetEnabled (true) .setBuffered (false); and in the same grid is added a column with ButtonRenderer, when I do doubleclick on the button in any row it gives me an error: NullPoinerException: “Editor can’t edit null”. It does not detect doubleClick, it interprets it as two simple clicks, the first one works as expected and the second gives this error. I do not know how I can control it. Can somebody help me?

Default ButtonRenderer in Vaadin does not stop click event propagation. As the clicks are propageted to Grid, Grid detects double click and opens the editor with the result you have seen.

Thanks Tatu for your help. If you are a member of technical Vaadin Team, do you have any idea when will this feature be handled correctly? From our point of view this is not a normal behaviour of the user interface.

We have been thinking in extracting these buttons from grid rows and putting them away in a normal form, but this decreases user experience. If you know a better workaround about showing buttons and text editable cell in a grid row, please let us know.


What do you think about using ButtonRenderer.


You can use Delete button from addon of Tatu Lund