Vaadin 8.2.x - 8.3.0: MenuItems focus appearance issues


Since Vaadin 8.2.0 up to 8.3.0 some annoying issues with MenuItems focus appearance have occured, which is demonstrated with an attachment picture.

As one can see from the table, everything was fine with 8.1.7. With 8.2.x - 8.3.0 only Firefox shows it right. Pay attention to the weird protrusions of bottom focus border.

A similar issue report has also been added to
a month ago with no reaction until now.

Though it may look as a minor problem for developers in a gallop from flickering 8.1.x - 8.2.x - 8.3.x -…through up to 10.0, to the end user it is rather frustrating, as such a small fry makes the whole release unusable.