Vaadin 8.1: Bug on Tree-Components in HorizontalSplitPanel?


im using a HorizontalSplitPanel. On each side a panel is placed and in the panels a tree. I change the split position so that the content of the tree ist not complete visible and unfold an entry of the tree. After that, a i change the split position to show more of the tree content, but the tree will not recalculate his width. With Vaadin 8.1.1 a fold/unfold of an entry fix the problem → causes a recalculation of the tree width. My Workaround is to add a SplitPositionChangelistener to my split panel and set auto recalculation on and off to force a recalculation of the tree widths:

hlSplit.addSplitPositionChangeListener(e → recalculateTreeSizes());

private void recalculateTreeSizes() {
[/code]I think it is a bug of the tree component?

This should b covered by ticket