Vaadin 8.1 Beta Grid DragAndDrop with Surface and Chrome Problem

Hi, we have problems using DragAndDrop in a Grid on a Surface with Windows 10 with latest Chrome (59).
On Desktop Windows PC and Mac, we dont have any problems.

We tested with our code and the Vaadin Demo Site
Have any one a workaround for this ?

Hi Arthur,

Are you using the touch screen features of the Surface device, or a mouse? I think when we were doing 7.2 and fixing some drag and drop features on it, we noticed that the surface device works in weird ways when using the touch device and had to set some CSS styling to prevent all the touch gestures to allow the Vaadin part to handle the drag and drop.

If this is the case, I can dig out the styling changes we made and you can try to see if those help in your problem.


we use normal mouse on the surface.
When we look into the generated html , there are no v-draggable clases generated on the rows

Hi @Teemu can you please help me out with the styles.My vaadin version is 8.3.2 still facing the same issue