Vaadin 7 Visualdesigner source

Hey folks,

i was wondering if the source for the visualdesigner plugin for vaadin 7 is still available? In vaadin 6 it resided with the rest of the eclipse plugin sources, but this seems to have changed in the newer versions?


Can someone give me a hint on this?


The new Vaadin 7 Designer is not open source, sorry.

…but you’re talking about the old Visual Designer, right?

It’s in git/gerrit, you can for instance browse the sources here:

// Marc

Thanks for the Link. I think i already found those sources in the old svn repository.
Since the last change to this repo was mid 2013, is this the Visual Desinger that is currently included in the eclipse plugin? Or does the eclipse plugin already have the new version on board?

Sounds about right, though you could double-check from the get repo. It’s the one currently included in the plugin.