Vaadin 7 URI Fragment issue

I am using Vaadin 7 say I type the app URL that has some fragment


Everything works as expected and the app root instance is initialized…

Then I go to browser and just delete #a=b (I do not even hit enter or anything). As soon as I delete that my init method of app root is called and the new instance of app root gets created. Is it expected behavior and how can I know what happened to my previous root instance since the close on that one is not called at all.

What browser are you using? Neither Chrome nor Firefox seems to do anything at all before I hit enter.

After hitting enter, the page as reloaded expected. This in turn causes a new Root to be initialized unless Application.setRootPreserved has been enabled.

Please note that if you keep the # in the URL and only remove “a=b” (and press enter), then an empty fragment will be sent and no new Root will be initialized regardless of root preservation settings as the page is not reloaded.

Finally, getting events for Roots being closed is not yet implemented. See
ticket #7893
for more details.