Vaadin (7) plugin for Eclipse without network access

Is it possible to install the Vaadin plugin for Eclipse without internet access? I’ve installed the Vaadin 6 plugin, but would prefer to get Vaadin 7.

There is no vaadin 7 plugin for eclipse yet. They said they’d start on it end of summer.

The current plug-in actually is for both Vaadin 6 and 7, and does create and handle projects for both.

The visual editor part has some limitations (some components that are new in Vaadin 7 and some features that have changed their data type to enum are not supported). That is the part that some are planning to work on developing further for Vaadin 7 after the summer.

Internally, the two plug-ins (basic integration and visual editor) are completely separate but their installation always takes place via an Eclipse “feature” that includes both, so the separation is not really visible for the end user.

All that said, there is no stand-alone bundle of the current Eclipse plug-in for Vaadin 7, and it is unclear whether there will be one (see
this blog post about the roadmap
). The use of the bundle has been minimal compared to downloading it directly from the update site. The plug-in has a few more dependencies that could in theory be bundled or instructions given on how to install them in an off-line environment, but a bigger issue is the new packaging of Vaadin 7 and the use of Maven/Ivy repositories for its dependencies. Including it in the bundle would mean practically rewriting all the parts related to Vaadin being included in the bundle and installed locally, from build scripts to deployment related code.

The plug-in project is also open source, patches to implement this cleanly are welcome if you want to help make this happen.