Vaadin 7 Performance

I’m going to develop a web application using Vaadin 7. My application will be used by ~500 users at the same time. And I need high response performance and high security control. In my application I will need some pretty widgets and I will use an OpenLayers framework. Could You tell me if Vaadin is a good solution for this app?

It of course depends on a lot of factors - the size of your application, the server resources that you have available and how you’ve written your code. Remember that Vaadin is a stateful technology and it keeps its state in the HTTP session. Memory is probably the first thing that you might out of on the server. So if you keep a lot of data in-memory, then you of course will need more server resources. Typical solution is to try to minimize the memory footprint of the application on the server. This is typically done by lazy loading both data and views, releasing unused resources for garbage collection etc.

Generally speaking, 500 concurrent users on one server shouldn’t be a problem. You can monitor your application’s memory consumption with tools like Visual VM.

Regarding “pretty widgets” and OpenLayers, I suggest you take a look at the
and see what kinds of add-ons there are available.

  • Kim