vaadin 7 is opne source or not


I am using vaadin 6 i plane to start with vaadin 7 project now i am using vaadin 6 is invent chart and invent pie chart. but is possible to same thinks using opensource at vaadin7?


Vaadin 7 is free open source.

Invient Charts add-on is only available for Vaadin 6. That add-on is free open source, but it uses the HighCharts library that is not free for most purposes, so you would need a separate license for it anyway.

There is a commercial add-on
Vaadin Charts
for Vaadin 7 which also uses HighCharts, and whose license fee includes a license to use HighCharts through it.

don’t seem to be
free generic chart add-ons available for Vaadin 7 at the moment.

The Vaadin Charts add-on looks really great! My current Vaadin 6 application uses the JFreeChart wrapper add-on, and I have a lot of code invested in using JFreeChart. Any plans to bring that add-on over to Vaadin 7?

That is up to the author of the add-on, although I’m not sure how interested he would be in porting it as he has also worked on Vaadin Charts.

That said, the JFreeCharts wrapper is a very small add-on and might be simple enough for someone else to port as well if Matti does not have time for it as it is open source.

Note also that there will be a
webinar on Vaadin Charts
next Tuesday for anybody interested in it.