Vaadin 7 Headerbuttons and minSize of SubWindow


i have a question.
On the demopage for the Reindeer Theme: ,
the Sub-Windows are resizeable, with a min limit for width and height and
without a fullSize Button.
I found no option to do the same with my Sub-Windows.
With setResizable(false), the fullSizeButton is hidden, but the Window cant be resized.

Thanks for your help!

The demo might be made using Vaadin 6 where the Maximize button wasn’t implemented yet.
To disable it in V7 without setResizable i found a “hackish” solution
I’m not sure if that also solves your min-width and max-width problem but there are css properties called min-width, max-width, min-height and max-height which you can use to set such constraints.

Hope it helps.

PS: I had a closer look and yes the demo is made with Vaadin 6.8.7

Thank you, the maximize Button is vanished ^^
And with the CSS Style the Window is like i want it :wink: