Vaadin 7 features

I haven’t yet seen a quick list of what might be in Vaadin 7, although there are some discussions
, and

I just watched a
youtube presentation Artur Signell made on Feb 14, 2011.
After many disclaimers that nothing he says should be considered the truth, Artur gave a list of Vaadin 7 features that I’m listing here for those who haven’t watched the video.

The new features are:

  • Window API refactoring to ease development of bookmarkable, multi-tab applications.
  • Built-in server push.
  • Layout and rendering performance optimization.
  • More complex forms less complex.
  • Better support for validation, conversion, and parsing of data.
  • Improved internationalization support.
  • Client-side API for making client-side composite components easier to build.
  • Import theming support.
  • Discontinue support for IE6.

There might be a preview release in June 2011, with possibly the Windows API. No promises.

This is an excellent list – thanks for sending this. It’s a little off topic, but I wanted to mention related to this:

…it looks like
the whole world should discontinue support for IE6
. :slight_smile: