Vaadin 7 Eclipse Plugin issue trying to create new widget

Hi, my name is Renato. I’m new here and I’m also new to Vaadin!
I’m trying to create a client-server application and according to the book I need to create a widget.
I’m using (as the topic says) Vaadin 7 + Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers on Linux Slackware.
As the book says I follow the steps:

  • File → New → Other
  • Vaadin → Vaadin Widget
    When I click on next nothing happens not even the window disappears.

I tried also on Windows XP SP3 over Virtualbox and I had the same problem.

What am I supposed to do?
What I’m doing wrong?

Thanks to all

Solved! Sorry… I did not know that I should create the generic Vaadin 7 project before to create the widget. My fault!