Vaadin 7 Developer Certification

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to somehow prove your awesome Vaadin skills? More seriously - certification tests are often very useful learning tools and a way of ensuring that the new guy offered to your team knows the basics. We are very happy to announce our brand new online certification test. Take a look at it at

The certification is open for everyone with
Pro Account
. If you do not Pro Account, but would like to take the certification anyways, there is a limited time offer for getting the certification with 6 months of Pro Account (including licenses to TouchKit, TestBench, Charts and JRebel - as well as being able to vote for features, prioritize bug fixes and get support) for $300. Just register with code “MAYCERT”.

If you tried the new Vaadin 7 developer certification test, please add feedback below. Did you like it? Did you pass or fail? Why? Too easy? Too hard? Do you dare to reveal your score?

If you If you find questions that are just evil and should be removed, please send feedback to instead of posting here (lets not give out the answer too easily).

We are also arranging Vaadin Certification Webinar Thursday May 30, 2013 at 3PM CEST, see more and enroll at

Would it be possible to get student discount on the cert? :slight_smile:

Interesting idea. At the moment the system is not flexible enough for giving discounts, but well look into this in future.


I just did the test for the first time and it tells me to wait 7 days.
This differs from the explanation of the Email:

“You can try the test 5 times, and if you fail, no worry, you have the opportunity to take the exam once again in 7 days.”

I can also not find these information on the webpage.

The idea is that if you fail, you have to wait a bit before trying again.

The following is from the Warm-up portion of the Certification Exam. It indicates that there is a 30 day wait between attempts. Above, it was mentioned that there is a 7 day wait. Which is it? Thanks.

Q: What is the waiting period between exam attempts?

Make sure you have up to 79 minutes reserved for the exam. Ensure that you are in an interruption free environment, have a reliable network and have a fresh cup of coffee in front of you. You are free to browse the JavaDocs and Book of Vaadin during the exam. It is not counted as cheating.

An interrupted exam can be resumed later, continuing from the next question. A
failed exam can be retried after 30 days

Next you will be taken to the first real question. Good luck!

Originally it was 30 days. Many here is however talking about that 7 day period, so maybe it felt too long and it was cut down to a week.

Great! Thank you for the quick reply Jens.

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I am from India. Is it possible for me to take the Vaadin Certification Exam.
If yes, what are the steps and what is the cost for it?


i am intrested to take the Vaadin Certiification Exam. Can anybody suggest me where can i get the Mock Exam questions.